Top quality photography is essential

The quality of your hair fashion photos directly reflects the quality of your hairdressing. We ask for high quality photography in order to present your business at its very best.

Hair Shots 2 The World

Quality Criteria

Hair Shots 2 The World must ensure that all hair photography submitted is of suitable publication quality. It is your responsibility that the photos provided are of publication quality. Photos not meeting these requirements will not be submitted for publication.

Please note the following:

  1. Photos must be taken by a professional-level photographer.
  2. Hair must be on-trend, fashion forward or truly classic.
  3. It is preferable that styling and make-up is completed by professionals.
  4. It is preferable that models are professional (and at least 18 years old).
  5. Photos must be high resolution 300 dpi in jpeg, tiff (A4 essential – 2480 x 3508 px).
  6. Sometimes hair photography exhibits nudity. Please take care with your choice of shots as nudity can be offensive in some countries.
  7. hairshots2theworld.com reserves the right not to submit or to withhold shots that may offend.
  8. The provision of images confirms that signed Model and Photographer releases have been acquired. This includes forms containing parent’s signatures for models who are not yet of adult age. Please make sure that you have these before sending us your images.
  9. Photographs taken for, or in conjunction with, a product company should be submitted by the product company in arrangement with you.

Presentation of shots

Ideally 4 to 8 shots should be supplied for release. Please present these as:

  • A one themed story
  • A salon collection (with similar/matching high quality production standards and/or theme)
  • A highlights collection (a group of differently styled images by one or many hairdressers)


Some magazines want high quality fashion art shots while others want head and shoulder shots for hair catalogue style publications. If your shots require an exclusive release to a quality, creative magazine, please let contact us about this. This may be a more lengthy process, so after discussion, we will provide you with a quote for this service.

Cover Shots

Magazine cover shots are a particular type of photo. Editors are often on the look-out for cover shots (unless they shoot their own covers). If you are interested in providing a cover shot, study magazines covers carefully. Then include one or more shots framed as cover shots in your photo shoots – a close up, space around the head for the magazine banner and text headlines.