How It Works

The Service

Hair Shots 2 The World’s service is professional, personalised and thorough.

We speak to each client to discuss their collection. When you feel ready we will guide you through the process below.

The Process

  1. The first step is to check the quality criteria to ensure your hair photos are the correct quality for publication.
  2. You are then ready to register. Click here to register.
  3. Send screen snaps or low res images to us so we can check that they are ‘publication-ready’. DM us on FB or Instagram @hairshots2theworld
  4. Chat or zoom with Leanne Cutler to get sign off on quality approval. We need to check that your collection is professionally produced and is what editors are looking for. (Regular clients will gain automatic approval).
  5. Confirm that you have photographer and model release permissions.
  6. Leanne will email you a quote with requirements.
    Once approved, send the A4 (2480 x 3508) 300dpi shots, model release forms, credits and inspiration to us. We will provide you with a direct transfer link or use a file transfer service convenient to you.
  7. We will then work on seeding and monitoring your collection. You can expect this exciting process to take 12-18 months.