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It's the new, quick, easy way for hairdressers to circulate their hair shots to over 150 magazines, websites and Apps in more than 50 countries!

Hair Shots 2 The World is a convenient, professional service that saves you time and money...

No working after hours on magazine lists! No more putting the jobs aside until later. No more burning CDs/USBs, packing them, and paying for postage. No more pressure!

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The benefits

  • Build your international and local fan bases 
  • Use scans of magazine pages on social media
  • Set up a clippings 'brag' book or screen for clients or have us publish one for you
  • Greater exposure to product companies
  • Teams can work more creatively if they know they might be published
  • Get great marketing benefit from your photo shoots
  • Open doors to new career opportunities
  • Be recognised for the amazing work that you do
  • Gain personal satisfaction for years of hard work!