About us

Hair Shots 2 The World - A World First

Hair Shots 2 The World was established in 2010 as the world’s first specialist PR service for hair fashion collections in hairdressing media. This service went gangbusters from the start.

Your ’go-to girl’ and founder, Leanne Cutler won the inaugural prestigious Special Recognition Award (2021) from the Australian Hairdressing Industry Awards for inventing Hair Shots 2 The World and other innovative contributions to the hairdressing industry.

Getting your collections out there

Why let your beautiful collection just sit in your computer? We help hairdressers and product companies all over the world get the most value out of their precious photo shoots.

We set up a strategy for your release according to the type of collection it is – commercial, avant-garde, black & white, colour. Our aim is to seed the collection with as many international hairdressing media outlets as possible to build your brand and get you truly impressive social media content that proves you are world class! We’ll get you collection as far and wide as possible, in print, in digital, and on social media.

Once the collection is circulating, we media monitor its progress providing you with digital clippings and a perpetual progress report. This monitoring takes from 12 to 18 months.

We are regularly in touch with you and the world’s hairdressing media.

Save time and build brand

Hair Shots 2 The World saves you time and the tedious task of forming ever-changing media lists. We work with you to build your business and/or personal brands. You will get great material to use in social media, awards and business submissions and plenty to boast to your clients about. They’ll be proud that their hairdresser is world acclaimed.

Let's get started

Contact Leanne now. We’ll organise to take a look at your collection to ensure it’s exactly what world hairdressing media professionals are looking for. We can either charge by collection or, if your salon has four or more collections to release, do a bulk deal. Also, we charge in Australian Dollars so if you’re overseas the exchange rate could well be in your favour.

We pride ourselves on our personalised service by real people – no AI here. We can’t wait to speak with you!