Our Service to You

Hair Shots 2 The World provides publishers with high quality, hair fashion photos by top hairdressers for publication in their magazines.


The Process

You will first be contacted by email with low res examples of photos. If you are interested in publishing the photos, please contact us as soon as possible with your request. Upon request you will receive the high resolution photos via a transfer service such as YouSendIt. Photo credits will be supplied to you.

To suit our hairdresser clients’ expectations, each series of photos will be provided in separate email and labelled clearly in the subject line, making your job easier.

Photo Exclusivity

Magazines that have not already registered their national or global exclusivity policies with us, are encouraged to do so by emailing us. This will assist us in providing both you and hairdressers the best possible service. Some hairdresser clients will request ‘no exclusivity’ and this will be declared in the initial email.

Details of the publication

Hair photography is supplied on the condition that published collections are provide in print for magazines (or in PDF format as second preference). We believe this to be fair since the photos are supplied at no charge for magazines and web sites.

Media releases and interviews

Should you require a media release or wish to interview a particular hairdresser, will be pleased to either provide a media release or put you in direct contact with the hairdresser. (Due to privacy laws, we must request hairdressers’ approval so that we can supply you with their contact details.)

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The more we know about your publication the better, so we can keep in touch. Importantly, we welcome constructive feedback from publications so that we can continually improve our service. If you have any specific requests please contact us about that too. We are always pleased to hear from you.

Publishers' Conditions of Use

The high res versions of this collection will be made available on a file transfer service. So please let us know if you are interested and we will forward the link.
Please provide links and PDFs of published materials including a cover for identification.

Please do not lift these photos for online use without first gaining approval (as this may affect prior country exclusivity agreements).

Please note that these photographs are being supplied at no cost for public relations purposes (of the client) in printed magazines and websites. Use in Apps (other than magazine Apps) will be considered by request on a case-by-case basis.

This collection is not supplied for any other type of commercial use. Should you wish to discuss commercial use of photography, please contact Hair Shots 2 The World so that fees and an written agreement can be arranged. This includes the promoting of products in association with an image by means of graphic layout. (This can cause disruption to any clients’ ambassadorial roles with their own product companies and may attract extra fees to my client by photographers and models). We kindly ask that you please request permission for such use of images in advance, so that any legal or financial matters can be considered.

In return for the supply of the photographs at no charge, my clients require copies of the magazines containing their collections. Address details will be supplied with the hi res link.

When accepting the hairdressing photo collections, you are accepting these Publishers’ Conditions of Use.

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