How it works

Hair Shots 2 The World is the world's only, and arguably most respected, specialist PR service seeding professional images to the hairdressing media.  We will submit up to 8 shots to the world's top hairdressing on your behalf.  We also have professional writers on board to assist with accompanying media releases should clients require it.

All you need to do to enquire and get started is:

  1. Check the quality criteria to ensure your hair photos are the correct quality for publication.
  2. Register here.
  3. Upload up to 8 x A4 (2480 x 3508) 300dpi shots, model release forms, media release (optional).
  4. Receive quality approval.  We need to check that your collection is professionally produced and is what editors are looking for. (Regular clients will gain automatic approval).
  5. Discuss by email, phone or Skype your objectives and countries you wish to target.
  6. Request a quote.  Fees are charged according to business type, scope of the international PR required, number of collections to be released and location.   
  7. Provide your images using the direct link that we provide or any file transfer service.
  8. Payment by clients outside of Australia can be made by international funds transfer.
  9. Payment by Australian clients can be made by EFT or cheque.

Then Hair Shots 2 The World gets to work for you. We:

  • Prepare an email containing your shots in low resolution to be strategically sent to hair magazines.
  • Startegically target magazines according to your requirements.
  • Liaise with you for more information, interviews and head shots, when requested by editors.
  • Seed and distribute your images to magazines around the world.
  • Manage country exclusivity issues. (Some magazines expect sole use of requested shots in their own country.)
  • Notify you when the photo release has been sent.
  • Provide you with a list of countries where your collections have been accepted.
  • Instantly deliver your hair fashion photography to magazines using some of the best IT file transfer technology available.
  • Provide you with the lists of magazines that have published your images in a report issued at six months from release or time requested by you..
  • Request and monitor that each magazine publishing your shot/s will be supplied in digital format to you for your records.
  • Provide you with digital clippings via Dropbox.
  • Constant media monitoring for 18 months after release.
  • Aim to have your shots accepted for consideration and develop an ongoing relationship with editors to ensure the best opportunities for you.  The final decision to publish your hair shots lies totally with the editors of each magazine.  Hair Shots 2 The World seeks to only promote collections that will be 'accepted for consideration' for publication.  Should your collection not be accepted for consideration for publication by any editors, your will not be invoiced.


1. Hair Shots 2 The World Service Duration: Media monitoring will occur for 18 months from the date of release.  Clippings format is determined by the type of service selected.  Digital clippings will be supplied as they are processed.  A shared Dropbox file is provided for the supply of of digital clippings.

2. Fees - Hair Shots 2 The World - Salon, International and Corporate photography release fees vary from region to region.  Please contact Hair Shots 2 The World for a quote. 

3.  Hair Shots 2 The World Reports - Two reports are supplied as part of the service: 1) An initial email update reporting acceptances for consideration by country and 2) A continual progress report which is supplied in your allocated Dropbox clippings folder.  A fee may be charged for any additional reports that are requested.

4.  Full magazines - As we move fast into the digital era, clients can access most magazines online or by app.  Some have become digital only.  We do need to state that obtaining printed magazines can be more difficult and costly to achieve than it appears.  Due to the number of Hair Shots 2 The World collections in one magazine and the ever-increasing cost of postage, it is not always possible to provide full print publications.  Those selecting our Premium option will receive as many print tear sheets as possible.  Additionally, if magazines are digital, publishers are becoming increasingly hesitant to spend funds on expensive postages (especially when many are lost in transit from some countries).  In some cases, we can access hard copies however it is labour intensive.  We must deal with languarge barriers, annual subscription systems only, international currency conversion costs, bank transfer/credit card fees.  Therefore, to cover our costs, a full magazine fee of $AUD99 inc GST per magazine may be charged.

5. Archiving of Clippings -  digital clippings and other files will be stored for 24 months from the release date.  Your full archive will be provided through Dropbox.  At the end of our service, if you would like a USB of all clippings, it is available for $AUD30 inc GST.

6. Media Releases - Hair Shots 2 The World has trained writers in sister firm, Siren Marketing, who are experience in media release, press pack and submission writing.  We have experience in providing professional marketing communications around the world.  Please contact us for a quote.